We give publishers the best human support and the best transparent, innovative and data-driven technologies to make more money. We put a work culture and involvement into every challenge.

We strive to be always on the same side as our clients and help them navigate the complexities of digital advertising

Iacobellis CEO Pubtech

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Our code of honour

We are here to make publishers happy and to improve everyone's economic condition, together.

Here are 6 things that best describe us, and hopefully make you one of us. Our code of honour is a kind of extended promise: we always keep our promise.


Engaged in giving value to content

We believe in open source, equity data, publishers with blockchain tools.

We strive to keep the open internet alive, to find technological solutions that give users a smooth and delightful experience able to transparently reward good content and sites.


Engaged in solving problems

We solve problems and we also do it by talking to colleagues, partners and customers. We ask them for information, clarifications and suggestions. We exchange ideas, expectations and needs. We are convinced that everyone has something to teach.


Engaged in teamwork

We offer technological products that have been 100% imagined and created by us and that arise from discussions between teams, from those moments in which we collect ideas and there is the space to also create something new and transparent.


Engaged in going the right way

We dare and our customers dare too, with confidence. Together we make the best choices such as having an intuitive, clear and easy to use, data driven platform, where we monitor the progress and performance of our customers' sites.


Engaged in conceiving AdTech solutions

We are there, and we take care in what we do so that the publisher's site performs as it deserves.

We are not satisfied with performing tasks, we always ask ourselves what is the best solution, even if we have yet to invent it.


Engaged in being an example

The more they earn, the more we earn.

You can't do it alone. We imagine roads, solutions, products for the future, answers to questions that we don't know we have yet. By example we set the quality and technical standard of the sector. We lead by example.

We use artificial intelligence, but we like people: these are our Partners

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Prebid
  • IAB
  • Amazon Publisher Services
  • Yahoo
  • Index Exchange
  • PubMatic
  • Xandr
  • Teads
  • Outbrain

We are a team of Nerds who are insanely passionate about what they do.

This is our management team plus the team of developers who are so many and so good to fit all in one picture.


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Teddy bears working on new AI research on the moon in the 1980s

A helping hand from Dall E

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