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Monetization solutions to increase revenues while respecting the reading experience and site perfmance

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Why choose Monetization

You can maximize performance and revenue with proprietary technologies

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A single access point with a unique platform

You will reach your growth potential and have everything under control in a simple and transparent way

Numbers, tools and all the support you need

Understandable data, analysis of best performing formats, dedicated account

We call it smart tagging

One script to do everything: dynamic in-page banner insertion, video space management and adaptive easy loading

Header Bidding

The setting for optimized monetization

Thanks to our proprietary technology you will get higher revenue by improving the competition between all our partners.

Easy Tagging

Customized ADS delivery

We manage in-page ads considering device connection and content type.

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Direct Campaign

Premium Campaigns

Our historical partnership with Talks Media ensure a high volumes of programmatic deals and direct campaign for our publishers.

Video Monetization

Proprietary video platform

Manage your video content independently and monetize using one single platform.

We use artificial intelligence, but we like people: these are our Partners

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Prebid
  • IAB
  • Amazon Publisher Services
  • Yahoo
  • Index Exchange
  • PubMatic
  • Xandr
  • Teads
  • Outbrain

Who has chosen our monetization service

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Il resto del Carlino
Clio Makeup

We select the most effective ADV formats

Our Q&A team constantly monitors your performance in order to find the best setting to earn more money and make your advertising more visible

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We can find the best solution for you or we can simple create one from scratch that fits your needs.

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