Use artificial intelligence for your editorial choices


A data-driven approach to better decide what, how and when to publish. More readers, more performance.

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Why choose Intelligence

Just focus on content to engage your audience, we’ll take care of the rest

More page views, more earnings

Increase your readers’ engagement and maximize earnings per session

Artificial intelligence, human support

More reliability for partners, a large data set at disposal, greater business profitability

Every page is a treasure

We show you how to improve it

Deep website analysis

We identify content that works

You can focus on producing great content while we analyse the data to give you the best advice

You can maximize the value of each page, topic, niche and directory.
You have the information to understand what to write and why, which traffic sources are most valuable, which devices are most used.
You have access, thanks to our dashboard, to numbers to improve your ratings.

How much is it?
The right price*.

* but it's free by relying on monetization services

Focus on content

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