Pubtech CMP

The Lightest CMP in the World!
Approved by IAB with TCFv2 Framework.

Our Consent Management Platform is the best solution to obtain consents across countries and platforms. Compliant with the GDPR regulations.

IAB Approved CMP

Pubtech CMP


Pubtech CMP weights is only 49 kb.
No other CMPs in the world are light as us.
This means that your website will load faster!
Our customers have seen their websites page load time decreased by 1 second after they added our CMP
It's also served by Cloudflare CDN from one of their server located in more than 200 cities.


Visitors need to understand very quickly what the CMP is talking about. The also need to manage consent in a simple way.

Pubtech CMP


99.9%. That's the percentage of visitors that give consent in websites with our CMP. A page view with consent means more revenue for the publisher.